Top Hot Software List for Your Mac

I look at new or updated Mac applications almost every day. Over the course of a week, there are usually some pretty good apps that I think deserve a bit of notoriety, as well as a few that, well, to be polite about it, aren’t quite ready for real-world use.

When I find a well-designed, well-executed Mac app, I add it to my list of potential candidates for Tom’s Mac Software Picks. My picks are all quality apps that also offer exceptional value, and cover many categories, including utilities, graphics, education, productivity, games, and development.

McCad EDS-Lite

mac-useful-software-1McCad EDS-Lite from Vamp, Inc., is a set of engineering design automation tools that cover schematic capture, simulation, and PCB design. Best of all, McCad EDS-Lite is free. Don’t worry too much about the “Lite” designation; the tools have the same features as the professional level suite of design tools. The difference is the imposed limits on the number of schematic sheets, parts, and nets that can be used on a single design. For the most part, these limitations shouldn’t interfere in small home projects, or as a learning tool for electrical engineering students.

SoundSoap 3

mac-useful-software-2SoundSoap is an audio noise reduction system that can eliminate noise, pops, crackle, hiss, and background noise from recordings, tapes, and LPs.

SoundSoap is available as a standalone app and as a plugin that works with many of the most popular audio and video workstations, including Logic, ProTools, Final Cut Pro X, Premiere, and many more.


mac-useful-software-3DoubleTake is an easy-to-use stitching app for creating panoramic images. DoubleTake automates much of the process of getting the edges just right, but it also has controls that you can use to make seams vanish before your eyes. If you would like to try your hand at creating panoramic pictures, give DoubleTake a whirl.

ArtRage 4

mac-useful-software-4ArtRage 4 is a painting and drawing app for Macs, PCs, and iOS devices that provides one of the most realistic painting environments available. This is particularly true if you use a graphics tablet with a pressure-sensitive pen that mimics the pressure applied to brushes, pencils, ink pens, palette knives, and other tools of the trade. ArtRage 4 may quickly become your favorite painting application.


mac-useful-software-5Tweetbot is a full-featured Twitter client that allows a great deal of customization. Tweetbot supports multiple accounts, lists, and syncing via iCloud; it also has an impressive search system.

If you’re looking for a Twitter client with more capabilities than the standard Twitter client, give Tweetbot a try.

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