The Best Apps for iPhone iOS 7

Whether you’re new to the iPhone or you’ve just upgraded your existing one to iOS 7, one of the first things you’ll want to do is load up on apps that show it off. Luckily there are lots of apps that are already updated to support the new interface. We’ve been keeping track of all the app updates we’ve seen come through and here are some of our absolute favorite apps when it comes to showing off the brand new look and feel of iOS 7!

Tweetbot 3


Tweetbot has long been a favorite among iOS users when it comes to Twitter clients and for good reason; it’s feature packed to the brim and has always had a user interface to die for. Tweetbot 3 may be an all new purchase but it’s a completely new app that’s just as refined and feature packed as the last version. If you like the look and feel of iOS 7 and want a Twitter client to match it, you won’t be disappointed.



If tracking calories and workouts is your thing, MyFitnessPal not only does it will, it does it for free. The overall interface hadn’t been updated in quite a long time so when I saw a new update come through, I was shell shocked when I opened the app, but in a good way. Menus are easier to read and navigate and the fonts and menus have been updated to look better on iOS 7. If you’re looking for a weight loss or workout companion, check out MyFitnessPal if you haven’t already.

Launch Center Pro


Launch Center Pro by Contrast (previously App Cubby) is the app to have if you want easy access and shortcuts to all your stuff in less than two taps. With customizable menus and actions, your iPhone is yours to command. We’ve loved past versions and the iOS 7 ready version is no exception. With flattened menus, a new icon, and updated graphics, there’s a lot to like.

Mileage Log+


Mileage Log+, which is also by Contrast apps, is a gorgeous mileage tracker made specifically for iOS 7. Those that have used Trip Cubby should be familiar with many of the features as it’s pretty much an update to it. Additional features now include automatic route estimation, gorgeous maps, color coding, and more. If Apple made a mileage tracker app, it may very well look just like Mileage Log+.



Foursquare is everyone’s favorite check-in service and it’s already been updated with support for iOS 7. From the menu bars to the updated keyboard stylings, Foursquare has decked out the existing interface with elements that make it flow much better with iOS 7. Even the icon’s received an overhaul as well. If you’re an avid Foursquare user, you’ll definitely want to pick up the update.

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