How to Recover Deleted CDR Files for Free

What is CDR Files

CDR is the file format of CorelDRAW, a kind of vector graphics editor. The discussion in this article is that you removed the files from the computer or memory card. As for unsaved situation or system error, you can enable automatic backup functions in CorelDRAW. Just read on and know about professional CDR recovery software.

Steps to Recover Deleted CDR Files for Free

After losing or deleting data, remember not to save anything new to avoid data coverage or just regardless of the memory card. These practices are wrong and likely to lead to data beyond retrieve. The best time for file recovery is about now. RePicvid Free Photo Recovery could retrieve deleted CDR files separately from computer or other storage devices, like USB flash drive, hard drive, SD card, digital camera and so on.

Step 1. Download RePicvid Free Photo Recovery

Choose the version of software that best matches your computer, then double click the .exe files to install RePicvid.

Step 2. Make Choices According to the Actual Deletion

Considering the real situation, select free graphic recovery and the location where you deleted works. Next, one thing is particularly emphasized here, you could pick only CDR format in “Advanced Settings” for recovery.

Step 3. Scan Target Disk And Preview Deleted CDR Files

After that, the core step of CDR recovery is to scan the whole disk. It may take some time to search for deleted data, therefore, you’d better wait patiently for the results. When scanning stops, click listed files to preview and choose deleted ones that you need to recover.

At this point, you have completed CDR recovery. But since the software only show thumbnails of deleted files, there is a need to check the recovered photos in the storage folder.

Apart from recovering deleted CDR files, RePicvid Free Photo Recovery is able to recover photo/graphic files in other formats, such as jpg, png, bmp, gif, tiff, psd, ai, etc. And it also supports video recovery, as well as audios. Relative to free photo recovery, it offers a try-before-buy mode for recovering deleted video and audio files to make sure you succeed in restoring what you need.

Source: Steps to Recover Deleted CDR Files for Free 


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