Antivirus Software for Your Mac PC

Avast! Free Antivirus Avast! is like the blockbuster of antivirus software — minus the whole big-name budget. It’s easily one of the most, if not the most, popular antivirus software on the Web given the program is loaded with a modest breadth of exclusive features that have yet to find their way into most other

New Mac User Must-Have Software

The Mac App Store has grown tremendously over the past year. After all, you can only get your Lion update as a digital download. But Mac newbies may feel incredibly overwhelmed by all this new stuff. Hey, Windows wasn’t exactly a cake-walk either. With these ten apps, new Mac users can get better situated with

7 Simple Mac To-Do List Tools for You

We’ve previously covered a range of complex task managers for the Mac, but what if you’re looking for something much simpler? Today I’ll be investigating a number of basic to-do list applications that can help with managing a straight-forward set of tasks. Most are desktop applications, but a few are really fantastic web apps combined

My Must-Have Mac Software List 2014

One of the tasks I undertake here at About: Macs is searching for new or updated Mac software that meets our requirements for exceptional value. I labor away at finding the best apps, which sometimes go unnoticed and other times are well-known, best-of-their-class applications. What all of the apps have in common is that they’re

Top Hot Software List for Your Mac

I look at new or updated Mac applications almost every day. Over the course of a week, there are usually some pretty good apps that I think deserve a bit of notoriety, as well as a few that, well, to be polite about it, aren’t quite ready for real-world use. When I find a well-designed,