New Mac User Must-Have Software

The Mac App Store has grown tremendously over the past year. After all, you can only get your Lion update as a digital download. But Mac newbies may feel incredibly overwhelmed by all this new stuff. Hey, Windows wasn’t exactly a cake-walk either. With these ten apps, new Mac users can get better situated with OS X. Read on for the handy list.

1. Adium

This free application allows you to use pretty much any instant messaging service you may be signed up for, and be signed into these services all at the same time. Whether you use AIM, Yahoo, MSN, Facebook Messenger, or other services, Adium has you covered.


2. Alfred

Alfred is a free application that allows you to do tasks like launch applications, search your Mac, do simple calculations, and issue system commands, all by using a keyboard shortcut instead of using a mouse.


3. Skitch

Skitch has long been one of our favorite apps on the Mac. This app lets you easily take and edit screenshots, or capture a photo directly from the camera built into your Mac or Cinema Display. And now that it’s a part of Evernote, it’s free!


4. Tiny Expander

Compressing and expanding ZIP files is a feature that’s included with Mac OS X. However, sometimes you may need to deal with weird files types that your Mac cannot access by default. In this case, turn to Tiny Expander. This free utility can handle expanding files in over 25 different compressed formats.


5. Gmail Notifier

If you’re like us, then you love Gmail and Google Calendar, especially the online user interface. But, if you’re like us, then you definitely don’t love having to keep your browser window opened all the time. Enter Gmail Notifier. This menu bar app notifies you via alerts whenever you get a new email or have an upcoming Google Calendar event.


6. Transmission

Torrents are great, so long as they’re perfectly legal ones. And, if you like torrenting, then you should be using the best torrent application on the Mac: Transmission. This app has all the bells and whistles, including the ability to manage your torrents remotely on an iOS device.


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