My Must-Have Mac Software List 2014

One of the tasks I undertake here at About: Macs is searching for new or updated Mac software that meets our requirements for exceptional value. I labor away at finding the best apps, which sometimes go unnoticed and other times are well-known, best-of-their-class applications.

What all of the apps have in common is that they’re well thought out, have an excellent user interface, and provide exceptional quality for the price.

Now, without further ado, let’s check the list I want to share with you .

iBank 5

mac-software-2014-1iBank 5 is a remarkably powerful and easy-to-use personal financial app for the Mac. This newest version brings a remarkable number of improvements and new features that solidify iBank as one of the top choices for taking care of your financial management needs.



mac-software-2014-2SeisMac turns your Mac notebook into a portable seismograph, without the need for any additional components. By making use of the triaxial accelerometer built into all 2005 and later portable Macs, SeisMac can detect earthquakes, volcanos waking up from dormancy, or your pet sauntering about your home.



mac-software-2014-3Artboard from Mapdiva is a vector-based illustration application. If you only occasionally create or work with illustrations, and you don’t need the gazillion features and high cost of some high-end illustration apps, Artboard may just fit the bill.


Trim Enabler Pro

mac-software-2014-4Trim Enabler Pro from Cindori Software is one of the easiest ways to get an SSD working with OS X’s built-in Trim support. If you have installed a third-party SSD for your Mac, you need Trim to ensure performance over the long run and longevity for your SSD.


Epic Privacy Browser

mac-software-2014-5The Epic Privacy Browser is designed to keep your browsing habits and searches private. You won’t need to look over your shoulder to see who is tracking you, because Epic doesn’t save a browsing history, or use web or DNS caches. Epic also prevents third-party cookies from being used, and has built-in ads and tracking blockers.

If you want to hide your IP or location, you can turn on Epic’s own proxy system to keep your IP masked. Epic has a lot of security features and is built on top of Chromium to ensure lightning-fast rendering and performance.


mac-software-2014-6Printopia from ecamm allows you to print from your iOS device to any printer connected to your Mac. Printopia acts like an AirPrint server on your Mac. When Printopia is running, any printer you have configured on your Mac is available to your iOS device as a printing destination.

But wait; there’s more. You can also have Printopia save files from your iOS device as PDFs on your Mac. And as if that weren’t enough, Printopia can also send files to applications for processing.

ForeverSave 2

mac-software-2014-7ForeverSave 2 brings auto-save and version control to nearly all document-based apps. Unlike Apple’s built-in auto-save technology, ForeverSave doesn’t require app developers to rewrite their apps to take advantage of the feature. This means that by simply adding the ForeverSave application to your Mac, you can bring auto-save technology to nearly all of your document-based apps, even those that haven’t been updated in quite a while (I’m looking at you, Microsoft Office).

Pixelmator Marble

mac-software-2014-8The Pixelmator Team recently released Pixelmator Marble, the latest version of its award-winning image editing application. Pixelmator Marble offers new features, including print-on-demand services that let you order prints from within the app. But the big news is that Pixelmator Marble is designed to take advantage of the new features of the late 2013 Mac Pro.

With support for the dual GPUs and the multi-core, multi-thread architecture of the new Mac Pro, Pixelmator may, at least at the time of this writing, be the fastest image editing application on the market. And while the new version of Pixelmator may be geared towards the new Mac Pros, it’s still one of the best image editing apps for any Mac.

Wait! There’s More

Don’t forget that this list is updated at the beginning of 2014, with the newest software picks appearing at the top. To see all of the year’s picks, you may need to keep following more post on our site.

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