Guidance for Choosing Mac Internet Security Software

Why Do We Need Mac Internet Security Software

Even though the majority of Apple computer owners have yet to spring for internet security software, we know that some of you get it enough to be researching options. We provide this article for you to guide you how to choose them. Here’s how.

Mac Internet Security Software: What to Look For

mac-security-1Look for a Mac internet security software publisher that is available when you need assistance and that lets you contact them in the way that you prefer. In other words, consider help and support before you buy. Look also for features that would help you, specifically. For example, if you are a parent, you might want a product that provides parental controls. It is more important than help and support or features, however, to consider what protections the Mac internet security software provides. Let’s examine these three criteria in reverse order since protection is primary.


Antiphishing is most important for Mac security because it is far easier for the bad guys to phish for Mac user victims than it is for them to attack Macs successfully with malware. The best security software for Mac detects and prevents most viruses, spyware, rootkits, keyloggers and Trojan horses. Because even the very best internet security for Mac products cannot possibly defend against every single incoming malware threat, another protection to consider is the ability to find and fix infections after they occur.


After you have convinced yourself that an internet security for Mac product has the appropriate protections within its skill set, and then consider which features might promote security on your terms. If you are single, for example, then you will be able to consider a wider range of products than would a parent who requires parental control features. Everyone, however, could benefit from features such as the ability to schedule scans during times when there is no competition for system resources or the ability to scan one suspected file or folder instead of the entire hard disk. Some Mac security software will conveniently scan for threats without prompts from you when you insert removable memory such as a USB flash drive. The best Mac security software includes a variety of features, so it only makes sense to verify the feature list prior to installation to avoid frustration.

Help & Support

mac-security-2Doing battle with hacker genius types is most effective when you have someone who can back you up in the thick of the fray. Malware behavior is unpredictable, and you won’t always know what to do after a successful attack. Therefore, it makes sense to understand exactly how an Apple security software vendor intends to help and support you. Support ranges from email only with a 24-hour turnaround to 24/7 online chat, which is quite a difference. Determine what access methods and availability you need before you decide to commit to any software publisher.

Mac users enjoyed a long honeymoon wherein hackers left them alone for years while Windows users were on the firing line. Now the honeymoon is over, and Macs need internet security software. If you haven’t protected your Mac, it is time. After you consider the protections, examine the features and understand the help and support policies, select and install Mac internet security. Get protected! If you need not only security software but also the Mac file recovery program you can read our post on this site.

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