Mac Data Recovery in 4 Easy Steps

Mac Data Recovery in 4 Easy StepsA successful Mac data recovery can be done for any Mac. You need to know a couple of keys steps in order to do a successful recovery of your files. Here I am going to cover 4 easy to follow steps to do a mac data recovery. It does not matter if you have a broken Mac or your Mac doesn’t seem to work anymore. Try these simple steps and you can recover your important information if your hard drive is in good condition.

Step 1 – Remove Battery

The first thing you need to do is check the bottom side of the laptop. You are going to see a big white locking screw. Unlock the locking screw by turning the locking screw 90 degrees. Take off the cover and you will see the battery.

Take out the battery slowly. You want to be careful when removing the battery. Look inside the battery slot. You will see three screws. You will need to use a small Phillips screwdriver. Make sure you find the right size screwdriver. You can purchase these screwdrivers at your local hardware or computer store. Gently remove all three screws by turning the screwdriver counter-clockwise. Remove all three screws.

Step 2 – Remove the Hard Drive

Next, you will see the metal housing case that is holding the battery. Slowly remove the metal case. At this point, you will see a white flap. Use the small screwdriver and pull the white flap towards you. Firmly grab the flap with your index finger and thumb finger. Pull the flap towards you. You will see the hard drive come out as you pull the flap. Make sure you are being careful when taking it out

Step 3 – Apply Hard Drive Adaptor

Next, go to your local computer store and purchase a universal hard drive adapter. Make sure this adapter is SATA, PATA and IDE compatible. You can also go to your local computer store, bring your hard drive and show the hard drive to one of the representatives so that they can give you the appropriate adapter.

Step 4 – Save Files To Computer

Now that you have the adapter, connect the adapter to the mac hard drive. You should see a USB entry. Connect a USB cable to the USB entry. Connect the other side of the USB cable to another Mac computer. A new “hard drive” icon will appear on the desktop. Double click on the new “hard drive” icon and the folder will open containing all of the files stored on the hard drive.

At this point create a new folder and name it. Copy all the files from the new “hard drive” icon folder and paste the files in the new folder that you created. This shouldn’t take long. Once the files are transferred, you have successfully done a mac data recovery.

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