uFlysoft Mac Data Recovery

This particular point of the entire article deals with the situation when Mac hard drive recovery is to be done at all costs and above solutions (FSCK, Target Disk Mode, Drive Enclosure) have resulted negatively.

Mac data recovery app to the rescue

uFlysoft Mac Data Recovery is an advanced data recovery software that can help you mount and access a failed / failing hard drive on Mac, Target Disk Mode Mac or the Mac drive that got converted into an external drive. Please refer to the KB article mentioned in the helpful links at the end of this article. Meanwhile, free download uFlysoft Mac Data Recovery software using the below download button.


Convert Internal Macintosh HD into an External Hard Drive

Converting the internal Macintosh HD to an external hard drive for recovering files could possibly be an alternative solution of Target Disk Mode. How should you make an external drive out of an internal HDD?

(i) Safely take out the internal Macintosh HD out of your Mac system. There are plenty of D-I-Y videos which can help you remove the Mac HD safely

(ii) Prior to removal of the internal HD, you must also order an external hard drive enclosure from an online seller. Hard drive enclosures these days are cheap and can be acquired by spending $10 or $15

(iii) Open the plastic cover of the enclosure and place / slide your internal hard drive in the matching context. Once done, turn over the hard drive and put in the screws that came up with the enclosure. Tighten all the screws with the help of a screwdriver

(iv) Put back the front-back plastic cover to cover-up the hard drive

(v) Now connect one and the another tip of the USB cable to the ports the hard drive and Mac OS X for mounting and accessing files

A badly damaged hard drive may fail to get accessed on Mac even after being converted to an external hard drive.

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