6 Things to Look For In A Photo Recovery Software for MAC

We’ve all heard about famous English idiom – ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. Pictures are being taken for a long time now, and since their revolutions started in the mid 2000’s, people have started storing these pictures in computer systems, rather than keeping them packed in a photo album. However, with this advancement in technology, the risk has increased as well, especially when it comes to having a backup for your pictures.

You might delete photos which you needed, or suffer a virus attack from a foreign storage device. In order to beat the scenario, you need to use a photo recovery software, which can help in recovering your lost phones. However, most people tend to get confused when selecting a photo recovery software. Here are 6 of the main features, which you need to consider before choosing a worthy software to recover lost photos.

1.  Version and Operating System:

The operating systems for Windows and MAC are different. Therefore, the software which you use must be different for both computer systems as well. Make sure that the operating system you are choosing is compatible with the version and operating system of your computer system.

2.  Storage Devices:

Again, you have to make sure that the recovery software you have chosen is compatible with different storage devices. This means that your recovery software should have the capability to recover files from different storage formats such as SD Cards, Memory Sticks and USB’s.

3.  File Extensions:

Remember to check if your recovery software can recover files from certain file extensions, according to your operating system. For example, if you own a MAC, your software needs to be compatible with file extensions such as CRW (Canon), NEF (Nikon) and MRW (Minolta).

4.  Photo Loss Solutions:

Photo loss is a common issue, and it can have different scenarios attached to it. Make sure that the photo recovery software you choose has the capability to tackle different photo loss situations, for example, if you have lost photos through a USB or you have accidently deleted them, your software must be capable to deal with both circumstances.

5.  Confidentiality:

Confidentiality is very important if you are purchasing a software over the internet. You need to make sure that you read the company’s privacy policy, before you actually decide to make a financial transaction from your credit card.

6.  Customer Service:

Customer support s one of the most important things you need to go through. This will help you understand the software easily and go through the process smoothly.

uFlysoft is a data recovery software, which can help retrieve your pictures, regardless that you deleted them accidently or lost them to a virus. This software runs you through a user-friendly process, and helps you in retrieving the required images, in either your MAC or any other storage device you might be using. Hence, if you need to restore the images you lost lately, using uFlysoft is an option worth considering.

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